We take your development goals and see the process through to realization. Our talent set offers our clients an extensive engagement set.

Our Management and Development Consultants offers a strategic portfolio of Service, Production and Accounting solutions to support your upstream and downstream process needs.

Service solutions

Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • Organizational Restructuring/Re-culturing/Policy Formulation
  • Employee Competency Assessment
  • Change Management and Transformation
  • Workforce Planning and Development

Disaster/Crisis Management

  • Emergency Response Management and Business Continuity
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Solutions
  • Risk Assessments, Fire Safety Inspections & Hazmat Solutions
  • Quality Assurance Planning and Research

Data and Information Management

  • Data Collection, Analysis and Documentation
  • Needs Analysis Surveys and Analyses
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys and Analyses
  • Household and Socio-Economic Surveys and Analyses

Mechanical Engineering Solutions

  • Installation, maintenance & repair of all Mechanical Equipment, Piping / Assets
  • Troubleshooting of Mechanical Equipment Failure
  • Optimization of Engineering Systems
  • Sourcing and Sizing of all equipment including Pumps, Compressors etc.

Production solutions

Agricultural Development

  • Agribusiness and Export Market Development
  • Food and Nutrition Security Policy Development
  • Agriculture Research and Development
  • Food and Nutrition Insecurity and Vulnerability Assessment

Psychosocial Development

  • Stress and Wellness Management
  • Psychosocial Community Development
  • Life Skills Development
  • Training and Development

Business Enterprise Development

  • ISO Quality Management Systems Certification
  • HSSE Program Development
  • Business Life Cycle Development (Formulation to Evaluation)
  • Feasibility Studies and Business Development

Application and Mobile Development

  • Functional Business and Corporate Solutions Development - Windows, Cloud Solutions, Mobile Applications

Financial solutions

Financial Administration and Auditing

  • Financial Strategy and Management
  • Fraud Investigation and Preparation of Variance Reports
  • Full range of Financial, Compliance and Operational Audits
  • Business Advisory and Consultation Services

Our business sectors

Private sector organizations

  • All business sizes
  • All sectors and industries
  • All stages of life cycle
  • National, region and international.

Regional and International agencies

Public sector

  • Ministries, Government Agencies and Special Purpose Companies

Civil society

  • Non-governmental Organisations
  • Community and Faith-base Organizations