Here's what we've done. Our consultants have been engaged in projects with several national, regional and international organizations.

Our core consultants together have significant professional experience working for a number of national, regional and international organizations. A selective sample of projects in which the consultants were engaged is provided below. For a more comprehensive list download our Profile.

Integrated Community & Business Development

Rural Business Development - Guyana and Suriname
Coordination and implementation of Integrated Rural Development Projects in several Amerindian Communities in Guyana and Maroon Communities in Suriname. These community-level interventions included the use of a participatory approach in assessing community developmental needs, identifying appropriate solutions and the development of relevant projects designed to foster human and physical resource development.
Institutions/Organization: Inter- American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)- Guyana and Suriname Offices; Caricom

Capacity Building in targeted Schools and Communities - Antigua & Barbuda, Jamaica, Guyana, St.Lucia, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago. The delivery and coordination of training and development of educators and community leaders in areas of risks, threats, and protective factors, toward the reduction of crime, violence, and antisocial behaviors among youths in their respective Caricom Countries.

Market and Trade Opportunity Assessment - Caricom Countries
Identifying Potential Investment Opportunities for the Agri-Food Industry in CARICOM.

Institutions/Organization: IICA, Regional Caribbean Office; Caricom.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management – Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, St.Lucia, Grenada, Jamaica.
Consulting Services for the Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Health and Labour – Establishment of a Labour Market Information System; General Consultancy Training / Workshop initiatives.
Institutions/Organization: Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) / Ministry of Health and Labour, Guyana; Many institutions/ companies / establishments.

Restructuring and re-culturing of organizations – Trinidad, Tobago, Guyana, St.Lucia, Grenada, Jamaica, Antigua.
Establish strategic agenda, develop a structure to support mission and objectives/goals, develop job descriptions and related compensation structures, link to performance management and appraisal processes, develop incentive packages.
Institutions/Organization: British West Indian Airways (BWIA), EGC: Eastern Divers Co. Ltd., Eastern Emergency Response Services Ltd., University of Trinidad and Tobago, other micro/small establishments.

Food and Nutrition Security/ Agricultural Development

Food and Nutrition Security Policy Development- Guyana, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago
Preparation of Food and Nutrition Security Policies and Action Plans. (Situational Analysis; Sector Studies which provided in-depth reviews and analysis of selected priority sectors; Key informant interviews, stakeholder consultation -including farmers’ organizations, community and interest groups, private sector businesses, government ministries, and departments; Validation Workshops.
Institutions/Organization: United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (UNFAO)- Caribbean Sub-regional Office

Agribusiness and Export Market Development - Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados
Caribbean Sheep Production and Marketing Project – Improving the welfare of small ruminant farmers.
Institutions/Organization: Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Agency (CARDI). CIDA Funded Project

Psychosocial Development

Psycho-social Support / Community Development - Series of Workshops/Counseling services: "Strengthening Family Relationships," "Mind and Body, how to create balance in your life," and "Life Skills."

Target Groups: Educators and Community Leaders.

Institutions/Organization: Various locations in the following Cariforum Countries: Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, St.Lucia, Jamaica, and Antigua & Barbuda.

Disaster Management/Industrial Health, Safety and Environment

Emergency Response and Disaster Management – Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago
Consultancy and Training of mining and emergency response team.)
Institutions/Organization: Funded by the Newmont Gold Mining (Suriname and Eastern Emergency Response Services (Trinidad) Companies.

Development of Inspection Manual – Guyana

Development of ILO approved Artisanal Mining Inspection Manual for Guyana’s Mining Officers responsible for emergency, safety and disaster management.
Institutions/Organization: Funded by the ILO, through the Ministry of Natural Resources

Well Intervention Repair - Trinidad

Management of ER Team (Medical Fire and Rescue) for a Well Intervention Repair Project at BG/SHELL site, Morgue.

Institutions/Organization: Funded by BGTT/SHELL

Financial Administration and Accounting

Accounting and Financing – Trinidad

Provided the full range of accounting and financial and services for contracts in both private and public sector organizations.
Institutions/Organization: Eastern Group of Companies, USC, and regional organizations.

Consultancy Training and Development – Trinidad

Provided, through associate, training & development for students in Advanced Accounting, Management, and Cost Accounting.
Institutions/Organization: UWI (Open Campus), and School of Higher Education.

Data and Information Collection, Analysis and Documentation

Socio-Economic Surveys and Assessments- Guyana
Coordinated Socio-economic survey of 760 households in Guyana. Analyzed and documented findings. Major resource document in the preparation of a US$ 8 million IDB/CDB/IFAD project

Data Collection and Analysis of Data - Antigua & Barbuda, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, and Suriname. Rapid Assessment of risks, threats, and protective factors through data collection and analysis in five (5) Caricom Countries, towards the reduction of crime, violence, and antisocial behavior among youths.

Institutions/Organization: IICA Guyana Office in collaboration with IDB, Caricom

Socio-Economic Surveys and Assessments- Guyana
Ex-post Evaluation (Technical and Financial) of IDB funded projects (Loans 912 & 985). US$ 16 million Loan funding for social and economic development projects in Guyana.
Institutions/Organization: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Guyana Office

Mechanical and Process Engineering and Support Services

Process Engineering- Trinidad
Process analysis of Nitrogen ammonia plant.
Institutions/Organization: PCS, Trinidad &Tobago.

Mechanical Engineering- Trinidad
Analysis and optimization of Mechanical field equipment – exploration and production.
Institutions/Organization: Petrotrin, Trinidad.


Organizations we've worked with

Some of the International organizations we've worked with include the following. Recommendations from these agencies would attest to the high quality of work the members of the team are capable of producing.