The content of this parenting programme is appropriate for Guyana. The facilitator is top-notch and very knowledgeable in the field. - Guyana, participant

Glenroy and Associates have completed a very successful workshop here in St. Lucia. Mr Joseph is an absolutely remarkable facilitator who is very knowledgeable and imparts this knowledge in an amazing and dynamic way. I believe I speak for many in attendance when I say that we have all been inspired to share this knowledge as soon as possible. St Lucia/Darnally – Participant.

The information shared in this workshop on life skills was vital and applicable to my field of work, and will certainly be used to positively impact the lives of the youths I work with. Guyana - Participant

“I love the facilitator’s ability to add real examples when focusing on life issues.” The method used when presenting the information proved to be most effective. Jamaica – Participant.

Dr Joseph’s presentation on leading with emotional intelligence will enhance my performance on the job, as I see it relevant to my field of work. I believe this will take me a step further. Antigua – Participant.



Q: What other improvements would you recommend in this workshop?
A: “In my opinion, there is nothing else to add.” “The facilitator was very clear on every aspect.”
Q: What did you like most about the course?
A: “The presenter’s ability to impart the knowledge.” “ The sessions on Parenting and Emotional Intelligence.”
A: “ The style of the presenter to bring forward points.”


Q: What did you like most about the course?
A: “ The fact that the Presenter knows what he is talking about.”
A: “Sessions were informative, engaging, insightful and reflective.’
A: “ The Presenter was very good at facilitating discussion, making meaningful applications through real-life experiences and other scenarios.”